Personal training Sugar Land TX, at our studio is not like your normal run of the mill corporate gym.  We are a locally owned, private personal training studio in Sugar Land Texas.

We have a comfortable, intimate environment, and unlike what you see in your larger corporate gyms and clubs; Sugar Land Fit Life Studio has a setting that keeps you free from distractions and intimidations while working-out.

Our studio’s main services:

1-on-1 with Personal Trainer

Group Personal Training

Fitness Classes

Boot Camp Classes

To try us out, call (231) 751-5135

Our main focus at Sugar Land Fit Life Studio is PERSONAL TRAINING.  Here, personal training isn’t just an expensive upsell to an expensive club membership contract like you see at other places.  We match you with a great personal trainer or fitness classes that fits your needs and #1 goal in getting you the results you are looking for.

Every personal trainer at our studio uses the best equipment to train clientele and we all watch positive, life-changing transformations occur.  We educate clients on how to properly perform each exercise and teach you its importance.

5,500 sqft health and fitness center based entirely on personal training and fitness classes.

The city’s top independent personal trainers call Sugar Land Fit Life Studio home.

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At Sugar Land Fit Life Studio, we are committed to providing the utmost in overall physical fitness and to keeping up with the latest developments and techniques in the discipline. Most of all, we are dedicated to YOUR specific fitness needs, and to helping you achieve your individual goals for maximum health and well being. If you work better in a one—on—one environment and prefer the undivided attention of your own trainer, our private personal trainer sessions with their tailor made fitness plans are your solution.





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We customize challenging workouts for each and every class and blend them with music and energy to create a unique fitness experience. We believe in switching things up so you don’t get bored and your body doesn’t know what to expect next. Our goal of keeping your body guessing leads to endless results and zero plateaus. You will look your best and feel confident any time, all year long! The number of participants is limited in each class so you get the individual attention you need while being energized by the group environment. Commit to 2 times a week and we promise you’ll see the resultsll Equipment varies and includes: TRX suspension trainers, Bosus, dumbbells, kettle bells, tires, sledgehammers, sleds, battle ropes, medicine balls, punching bags and more!





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